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Gary Homsey is new OKCGCC President

Posted: Mar 13th, 2015

OKC Friday

by Joy Richardson

“Let’s see if I can do this!” was the backstage commentary from Kyle Graap who swings across the stage in The Pirates of Penzance. Student professionals and stage personnel Jacob Bannerman, Jason Stewart, Jamie Lunsford and Amanda McDonald chorused, “And he hasn’t fallen, yet.”

Refreshing is the word when you talk with the bright and amazingly sophisticated young people who are involved with Oklahoma City University’s Meyers Theatre for Young Audiences. Sandy and Stewart Meyers have put their hearts into making this happen.

Sandy was appointed by President Bush to PACA (Presidents Advisory Council for the Arts) which is one of the boards of the Kennedy Center. After her tenure, and a subsequent funding cut, her interest didn’t stop. Her committee made a decision to continue with the vision of Laura Bush regarding plays that are scripted to conform to our history and the stories of our Presidents.

The Kennedy Center continued this endeavor for a while, hiring out the music, the writing and scripts of plays, but could see that this was a big project. Sandy and Stewart Meyers thought: “THIS is the perfect project for our own OCU.” There certainly is the talent available, and what a practical learning opportunity for students.

Recently some eight hundred children from our city schools were treated to the above-mentioned performance.

OCU President Robert Henry just glowed with enthusiasm in telling a group of OCU supporters and friends gathered at the Meyer’s home about the delight of the kids. President Henry is sporting a very distinguished and professorial-looking beard – and he rocks it!

Nancy Anthony and I were entertained by the bright and perceptive comments about the process of designing, building, and painting and finishing sets for the performance. We talked with Tucker Irey and Jaime Dimas who are students from Texas and who LOVE OCU and the opportunities to do hands-on work. Others talking with the students were Virginia and Jim Meade, Lynn and Ted Elam, Carole Drake, Dolly and David Flesher, Annie Bohanon, Jan Henry, Barbara and Ralph Thompson, Patsy Homsey (JR was at a Shrine bowling tournament), Elizabeth and Troy Wilson, Bob Anthony, Darlene and Larry Parman, Christina Fallin, Gerald and Jane Gamble, and Mary and Bill Price.

Another beautiful evening centered around honoring Nancy and Bob Ellis who are 2015 Campaign Honorary Chairs for the Leadership Division of Allied Arts. Gracious and giving are synonyms for Nancy and Bob. Aimee Harlow chaired the event, and seasoned planners Sherry Beasley, Darlene Parman, Tricia Everest, Judy Love, Kirk Hammons and Brenda McDaniel added to the perfect result.

Held in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the expansive space offered room to talk with friends and have a lovely buffet as contrast to our nights of being snowed in and eating chili! Visiting and congratulating Nancy and Bob were Judy Hatfield, Anne and Barry Gray, Charlotte and John Richels, Janet and John Hudson, Lida and Ron Elkins, Barbe and Randy Von Netzer, Ann Lacy, Marilyn and Gene Torbett, Leigh Ann and Paul Albers, Camilla and David Ostrowe, Jeaneen Naifeh, Franklin Naifeh, and Jane Rauh, Valerie and Brad Naifeh (and a big thank-you to Central Liquor), Lori and Bond Payne, Beth and Carl Shortt, and Linda and Ken Howell.

• Smiling Jim Robertson looked like a tall pleased kid at all the adorable touches his wife Claudia had created to celebrate his birthday. In the Sable Room of OKC Golf & Country Club, there were wine casks with metal bands as hors d’oeuvre tables, and others draped with floor-length burlap cloths with corks, flowers and candles scattered about. Cards on tables boasted pithy quotes “What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others,” “A meal without wine is…breakfast,”  “Beer is made by men, wine by God.”  The wines were delectable as Jim is known for his scholarly expertise as a wine connoisseur.

After a bout of snow everyone was wearing party clothes and anxious to share snow stories over the enchanting table of food choices from crab legs to beef tenderloin. Their children, Jacob, Lucy, Lauren and Brendan were there for the fun toasts by friends, the singer with vintage microphone, and the table of desserts.

Around the room were Cindy and Mike Biddinger, Karen Hanstein, Donna and Len Cason, Rhonda and Jim Williston, Scott and Leslie Samara, Johnson and Millie Hightower, Sally and Joe Blake, Delores Bradford, Kathy and Hal Brown, Melanie and Van Russell, and Alison and Scott Calhoon. Jim looked so please that the huge crowd of friends wanted to celebrate with him and said, “My head is spinning at all these people.” Yeah, that’s it, the crowd, not the wine ... but what a gala for the cute guy’s birthday.

• Gary Homsey is the new President of Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, and what a party was planned to usher him in. Tasteful and elegant touches just might have been the responsibility of his refined wife, Sue. There were two bands, one “Rat Pack” group with look-alike singers who replicated that group. Karen Ingram was still talking the next day about darling Sally Bentley out on the dance floor with “Dean Martin” and how Sally kept up with him through the whole dance. Karen and Earl are not lightweights when it comes to dancing, but she said, “We quit about half-way through.”

Formally dressed were Jan and Jim Loftis, Marta and Mark McCubbin, Heather and Billy Coyle, Sally and Dick Burpee, Susan and Peter Hoffman, Barbara and Bud Beeler, Susan and Mike McPherson, Jeary and Mike Seikel, Tina and Elby Beal, Sue and Don Timberlake, Kathy and John Griffin and Kim and Mike Joseph.

Dining on “Rat Pack” starters through salad, fish, tenderloin and Baked Alaska were Jimme Lou and Charlie Shadid, Kay and Bill Gustafson, Earl Ingram, Carolyn and Don Lisle, Pam and Carlos Johnson, Christy and Jim Everest, Linda and Steve Slawson, and Patty and Kent Cohenour. Others were JW and Julee Coyle, Susan Parker and Drew Neville, Marilyn and Jim Case, Linda Rosser and Buz McDonald, Cindy and Jim Hazelwood, Holly and Clay Healey, Terry and Hank Bradley, Jan and Richard Parker.

2015 Club President Gary introduced the efficient, competent and genial staff that see to the club’s smooth running, and we stood to honor them. Gary knew and could recite the background and specialties of each; it should be a great year!



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