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Oil Field Injuries/Death

The oil industry hires many workers to man the numerous types of jobs that are conducted on  oil rigs. While the oil and gas industry is a lucrative business, it is also an inherently dangerous job which can lead to severe injuries. Statistics show that when an oil worker is injured, the severity and duration of the injuries are far worse than in other industry sectors, and recovery times are twice as long.


Employers are required to take extensive safety precautions, but nevertheless accidents still happen. Workers can suffer injury when there are inadequate safety precautions taken, lack of maintenance on equipment, errors in drilling procedures and improper training overall. Some accidents occur because workers are required to work long periods of time without enough rest. Here at Homsey Law Center, we are intimately familiar with the legislation that provides rights for oil rig workers, and we can protect your rights.


If you or a loved one has been injured due to an oil field accident, contacting a Oklahoma oil field injury attorney from Homsey Law Center can make all the difference in the outcome of your personal injury claim.


Injuries can be caused by any of the following situations:


  • explosion accidents
  • pipeline blowouts
  • falls from oil derricks
  • machinery malfunctions
  • gas leaks
  • dangerous equipment


The types of severe injuries that can result from a work accident include such as burn injuries, chemical burns, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of limbs, brain injury, and even wrongful death. When workers are constantly working with large equipment such as pipes and industrial machines that can weigh several tons, a simple mistake can result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. If you have suffered any of these injuries, you must know that you can count on the knowledge and experience of the oil drilling injury attorneys at our firm.


Regardless of the type of oil rig or oil field accident that caused you injury, you can find the reliable help you deserve when you contact Homsey Law Center.

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