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Casino Injuries

Many casinos and hotels have a large-deductible insurance policy, knowing that they will fight very hard before they agree to pay money to anyone who is injured on their property.


The lawyers and staff at Homsey Law Center in Oklahoma City have the financial resources and experience to take on large casinos and hotels and their insurance companies.


Slip and fall accidents are one type of casino injury case. Others include injuries caused by:


  • A chair breaking while you are sitting in it
  • A fall caused by unsafe steps
  • A fall caused by spilled liquid
  • A fall caused by a dangerous property condition
  • An assault that occurs in a casino or hotel


If you are injured in a casino , you should report the accident to the casino’s security staff as soon as possible. The security staff will take a lot of notes about your accident. However, you will not be in the best condition to make a lengthy statement, and you should never sign anything. Report the accident, get medical treatment, and then consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.


Casinos are very experienced at defending themselves against cases involving a slip and fall accident and other personal injury claims. The casino will usually have video of the accident or assault. The casino will also use their risk management team to minimize your injury claim in any way they can. To counter their tactics, you need a lawyer with extensive litigation experience against casinos and hotels.  Call us today so you have someone on your side.

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